Break at the summit cross in the Hochficht region.  | © Weissenbrunner
Hochficht Hiking paradise
Discover the Bohemian Forest holiday region on foot

Hiking Hochficht

Cross-border hiking vacations at Bohemian Forest

Deep gorges, wide valleys and you are part of it. Hochficht attracts mountaineers from all over the world – and puts a spell on them. Bohemian Forest holiday region boasts unlimited routes with wonderful views. Explore diverse trails at the tri-border area of Austria, Germany and Czech Republic.

Hiking Bohemian Forest Holiday Region

Family-friendly nature trails or challenging hiking tours: more than  600 kilometres of hiking trails and  1,000 kilometres of biking routes make the whole holiday region a genuine hiking and biking paradise. Get charmed by wide panorama, lush meadows and the wonderful Vltava barrier lake. Enjoy diverse and creative trails and the quality hiking guidance system of Hochficht resort. 

family hiking in summer in the region Hochficht
view of the valley station in the region hochficht
summer in the hiking region hochficht
Break at the summit cross in the Hochficht region.  | © Weissenbrunner
Enjoy nature during a short break from hiking. | © Weissenbrunner

Hiking Tips around Hochficht

100-year old trees, “Steinerne Meer” (sea of stones) and Vltava barrier lake are very special spiritual places that lead back into the past. Explore the stories behind these charming sites on a cross-border tour to Bavarian Forest and Šumavanational park. Or hike along one of the following two tours...

Bohemian Forest Tour

Weg der Entschleunigung (“Chill Out Path“)

“Weg der Entschleunigung” is a special highlight. You can master this 13 km hiking tour in four to eight days. If you do not want to hike the whole distance you can also choose to walk only 60 or 95 km.

Along the route you will pass 50 places of power and energy – these are very special areas that make the Bohemian Forest holiday resort so unique.

You can also book a guided hiking tour. The resort offers pilgrimage, qi gong and time-out in the woods along “Weg der Entschleunigung”.

Hochficht peak tour

Up to the peak

The hiking route starts at Holzschlag parking at the ski lift and leads upward to Hochficht summit cross. After the summit follow the white-red-white markers, then take the path leading to Reischlberg and the Czech forest road to the toll house. Walk back to the parking or have a rest at the restaurant “Gasthaus zum Überleben”.

Please note: Do not forget your ID card! The route leads along steep and wet passages, that is why we recommend sturdy shoes and hiking sticks.

Two hiking tips are not enough? Get informed about the wide range of hiking possibilities at the Bohemian Forest hiking paradise!

Insiders' tips for foodies

Explore regional specialities

“Brat’l in da Rei”, “Stifterjause” or farmer's salad? Curd cheese specialities or farmer's Krapfen. There are numerous regional delights waiting for you.

Restaurant “Gasthaus zum Überleben” at Hochficht is a real insiders' tip. Discover all the culinary variety of the region and enjoy! 

Culinary delights outdoors: Lush alpine meadows invite you to a nice picnic.



Family hiking in Upper Austria

For explorers of all ages

Hikers of all ages are invited to explore one of the numerous creative nature trails through the Bohemian Forest. You will not only enjoy the marvellous countryside, but you will also have a lot of fun at specially designed experience stations.  Explore all the hiking and biking tips for unforgettable family holidays at Bohemian Forest!

Explore all the possibilities of Hochficht resort such as the following four hiking tours across the resort:

Hochficht Summer holidays

You want to spend your holiday at the Bohemian Forest? Good choice!

The holiday region boasts creative cross-border hiking trails and dreamlike mountain biking tours. Have a look at the lodging offers in Klaffer at Hochficht or in its surroundings. Get ready for unmatched mountain holidays in the Mühlviertel!