Eine einmalige Fotokulisse erlebt ihr beim Paragleiten im Kössener Aufwind.
Paragliding at Kössen
Free as a Bird

Paragliding at Kössen

Unique Scenery for Perfect Flights at Kaiserwinkl

Clear mountain air, soft wind, perfect thermal conditions, unmatched panorama. There are many reasons for gliding through the air at Kössen resort. Untouched nature and wide valleys make the Kaiserwinkl region a dream destination for paragliders. The launch site at 1500m is easily accessible by the Unterberghorn cable car and is located near Bärenhütte. Ready for take-off!

Eine traumhafte Fotokulisse der Paragleiter von unten.
the Hochkössen region is a popular location for paragliders.
Ein Blick in den Himmel in der Wanderregion Hochkössen.
paragliding in summer in the region Hochkössen
Alle Schnüre sind gelegt, der Schirm ausgebreitet und dann kann es losgehen.
In luftiger Höhe die Region Hochkössen genießen.
Gut gelandet!
Die Region Hochkössen aus der Vogelperspektive erkunden.

Perfect flight conditions at Unterberghorn

Launch Sites at Hochkössen

North winds rise up the northern slope of the Unterberghorn Mountain and ensure the so-called rise of the air masses, ideal conditions for paragliders. Additional sunlight produces thermal up-winds that carry you high above Unterberg.

Useful information: There are two landing areas at Hochkössen resort. The first one is located directly at the cable car, the second one at Kössen Flight School. There are no additional starting and landing fees.

Kössen Flight School

See the World from above

Novice or advanced, recreational or pro pilot, tandem flight passenger or spectator – find your personal offer at Kössen flight school. We offer a wide range of courses starting from refresher courses to Austrian and German pilot's licences.

For further information about our services and events browse our web site.

Tandem flights at Hochkössen

An unforgettable Adventure

Soaring high above the valley – realise your dream of a tandem flight at Hocklössen resort.

You have always dreamed of absolute freedom high up in the air? Our flight school offers tandem flights with experienced pilots from May to September.

Get ready for unique moments!

Safety first

Current Weather Situation

Safety on Unterberghorn is a very important issue – imminent dangers such as thunderstorms or gusty winds are announced over loudspeakers. There are some emergency landing areas at the pastures and meadows at Hochkössen basin. Always get informed about the current weather situation before your flight.

Useful information? Paragliding at Hochkössen is also possible in winter!